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Healthy Coffee Facts: Know Your Limits

Unraveling the Buzz about Your Morning Cuppa and discover coffee's benefits and risks. Learn more on



Wellness On Campus

Find out more about health and wellness on campus.


Food Allergies & Special Diets

We take into account your personal dietary needs and will make every effort to help you find food that fits your life.

  • Reach out to meet with our dining team to discuss alternative options when the daily menu offerings do not meet your needs.

  • Learn more about our resources to support you.

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Tools to Manage Your Nutrition

Use these tools to make healthier choices while dining on campus. 

  • See what's on our online menu.

  • Find fresh and healthy ingredients in every bite. Just look for the icon on the menu to identify recipes with these attributes!
    Eat WellMade with Whole GrainsVeganVegetarianPlant ForwardCool Food Meal

  • Learn how to use the online menu meal calculator.


Feeding Your Potential

Enjoy podcasts, chef inspired recipes, blogs and more through our Feed Your Potential program.