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Access to your Meal Plan

The 14-digit barcode, located on the back of your student ID, is all you need to access your meal plan. Remember when signing up for a meal plan online, this is the barcode number we need to activate your plan.

Track Your Nutrition

Campus nutritional information is available on the MyFitnessPal mobile app (available for iphone and android) or at www.myfitnesspal.com. Track nutritional content on the go and make balanced meal choices.

Kleiner Commons

Newly renovated in the Summer of 2014, Kleiner Commons provides a variety of food choices for students, faculty and staff including: Bene Pizza, Center Plate, Bistro, Croutons, Montague's Deli, Grille Works, and Qdoba.

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Enjoy a variety of options at 22 different dining venues located on the Allendale and Pew Campus.

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Student Barcode

Meal Plan barcode?

The 14-digit # on the back of your GVSU ID.

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Speak with the Campus Dining Office by calling (616) 331-3399 or visit us at 100 Commons.

You may also email us at gvsufood@gvsu.edu or visit yourdiningvoice.com.

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