Auto Renewal

  • Key Dates Select to have your fall plan active for winter!
  • Place this option in your cart with your fall plan
If you want to keep your Fall Meal Plan active for the Winter semester without re-ordering, add this option (Auto Renewal) to your cart along with your Fall Meal Plan. Don't Worry – You won't pay for both semesters at the same time. You’ll be billed once, each semester. And, if you change your mind, you can still change or cancel your plan before the Winter semester.

Fall Meal Plans can be billed to your credit card or GVSU student account. With the Auto Renewal option, Winter Meal Plans can only be billed to your GVSU student account (no credit card billing forWinter Auto Renewal). Winter Plans will be billed to your GVSU student account in December or January. Your Winter bill will be the full semester price.

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